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RPGDot Lionheart Article #6: MAGIC

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RPGDot Lionheart Article #6: MAGIC

Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 29 October 2002, 03:44:06

Tags: Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader

RPGDot has posted installment #6 of their articles on the use of the SPECIAL system, as seen originally in Fallout, and it's adaptation for Lionheart. This one covers probably the biggest addition to the system, which is magic. Here's a blurb:

Plan 3 (The Current Plan)

Instead of having each spell be its own skill, groups of spells make up a single skill. For example, there are skills for Fire, Cold, and Electricity magic under the Thought magic category. When you are purchasing skills, you only spend points on the spell group and as your skill increases, you eventually learn new spells. Your spells get better as your skill level increases.

For example, imagine a female Demokin character who has decided to start spending points on her Fire magic skill. After she has added just a single point to the skill, she gets the spell Fire Orb. Of course, her skill in Fire is one, so she would totally stink at the spell. She could cast it, and it would always hit, but it would be easily resisted and do just a pittance of damage. So she spends several more points in her Fire skill making it a decent first level weapon. After a few more levels she gets her Fire skill up to 25 and she gains the Fire Circle spell. While this spell doesn’t do as much damage as her Fire Orb (which has been doing more damage as she increased in skill), it affects all enemies around her and provides some protection from blows. At a Skill of 50 she gains Flamethrower, at 90 she gets Fireball, and at 120 she gets Immolation. These spells provide her with a wide range of attack options within the fire realm, everything from weak fast area effects to devasting but slow area effects.

Thanks to Zed for the heads up.

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