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Bloodlines is just all right with

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Bloodlines is just all right with

Review - posted by Spazmo on Wed 8 December 2004, 16:46:57

Tags: Troika Games; Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines have their very own review of Troika's Vampire Bloodlines up. There's no actual numerical rating (go reviews with no actual numerical rating!), but they seemed to like it.
L.A.'s supernatural underground is filled with huge cast of characters and personalities, including the sadistic and deranged, all of whom are voiced very well. The main storyline, with its multiple endings, will take a while to get through, but the side quests add a great deal of flavor to the overall feel of the game. Nothing seems unusually tacked on, and almost all of them provide valuable experience points to expand the different attributes. Some of the quests are put together very creatively and wonderfully captures the sense of the supernatural and how vampire society lives. There is even a part of the game where the player has to find a way through a haunted mansion, which is sure to keep the player on edge. The story of Bloodlines had to be practically rewritten to accommodate using the Malkavian clan, who are all insane but have the remarkable ability to see into the future. Their font and conversation choices are completely unique. If the player pays enough attention, they can see within their own words what the future might hold.
Gotta love the Malkavian dialog.
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