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Official Gothic III announcement from JoWooD

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Official Gothic III announcement from JoWooD

Game News - posted by Spazmo on Wed 15 December 2004, 19:28:11

Tags: Gothic III; Piranha Bytes

JoWooD's press site has an official announcement (no direct link, apologies) confirming that Gothic III is under development at German dev house Piranha Bytes.
Gothic III: JoWooD Productions presents the third chapter of the RPG success story
Rottenmann, Austria, 14th of December 2004: JoWooD Productions continues its successful cooperation with the German developer Piranha Bytes by publishing one of the most spectacular titles of the coming year: Gothic III, the third part of the legendary RPG saga. "Being listed in all major 'most wanted' charts across Europe, Gothic III is the top title of the coming year. To publish a game with such popularity, potential and quality, is a great chance for us to push a world-wide known brand even further" ,comments Andreas Tobler, CEO of JoWooD Productions Software AG. JoWooD Productions takes this chance and will try to break RPG selling records of the past!

"Our main efforts are to increase quality, atmosphere and fascination in Gothic III, to deliver an unbeatable RPG experience to all the Gothic fans out there. But even with all the improvements and innovations, we continue to build upon the unique concept of the Gothic titles", promises Mike Hoge, developer Piranha Bytes.

In 2002, JoWooD Productions managed to establish Gothic II as known brand in the RPG world. Gothic II dominated the sales charts with weeks at the top and is one of the best-selling titles ever created in German territories. The success is also proven by dozens of awards like "Best RPG 2002", "Best of E3 Show", "Best of Games Convention" and incredible ratings worldwide.
Hopefully, Atari won't fumble the release of this one, or better still, a different company will handle the game outside of Europe. And hey, how about Night of the Raven while non-German gamers wait for the third installment?
Spotted at: RPGDot

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