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GameBanshee Talks About Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows

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GameBanshee Talks About Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows

Interview - posted by Exitium on Sun 6 March 2005, 12:19:21

Tags: Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows; Josh Sawyer; Midway Games

GameBanshee has conducted a fairly lengthy interview with J.E. Sawyer on the subject of his and John Romero's upcoming action RPG, Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows with details on the game's cooperative multiplayer features, combat mechanisms and on the game's rendering engine, among other things.
The action is the heart of the gameplay. People can play it like a masher at low levels, but the fighting system is fairly involved compared to other Gauntlet titles. We have maneuvers that are typically not found in RPGs: trips, block-breaking, grabbing and throwing, counterattacking, juggling, and so on.

To support the action and provide long-term goals for players, we have a light RPG system in the game. Players can buy new combos for their characters and find increasingly powerful equipment to augment their fighting.

Most people play Gauntlet for the action, which is what the heart of the game has always been. For people who want a great story out of their games, we have a separate story mode. It’s for one or two players and fully fleshes out the game world and the characters living in it. The player(s) alternate between the three pairs of characters (warrior and valkyrie, wizard and elf, lancer and tragedian) as they go through the story arc. Because the story mode is separated completely from the full-action “advance” mode, the story is quite deep. In terms of scope, it’s more on par with a full RPG than an action game.

Sweet! We all know how most RPGs feature copious amounts of combat even though they don't have the interface or system to support it, so it's nice to see an action RPG going the distance with combat interactivity, as opposed to having the screensaver-like gameplay of Dungeon Siege 1.

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