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Fate ready for download

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Fate ready for download

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 18 May 2005, 20:58:07

Tags: Fate; Wild Tangent

Fate from Wild Tangent has been released. What is it? Well, it's another action rogue-like(Ain't that right, almondbright?) with fairly low system requirements. There's a 7MB trailer if you want to test the waters first to see it in action, or you could just grab the 26MB dial up download instead. Likewise, you can grab the 120MB broadband version that has better textures, more sounds, and so forth.
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Here's some features:
  • Quick AND Immersive gameplay! Play for 15 minutes or for hours
  • Richly detailed 3D graphics
  • Journey through limitless caverns, dungeons, mines, and tunnels in search of adventure!
  • Each level is randomly generated with countless surprises, magical items and weapons to discover
  • Combat: Over 100 different monster types to encounter and battle!
  • Cast Spells: Defend, attack, heal or escape using countless magical spells
  • Collect: Buy/Sell gathered treasures to improve capabilities, or dare to gamble large sums on items that may contain special powers
  • Choose your pet! Select a dog or cat to join you on your quests and transform it into powerful creatures
  • Gain fame by completing quests and defeating legendary creatures
Hey, it looks like you can even go fishing in this game!

Thanks, John Plunkett - Sales Engineer!

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