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Fate upped to 1.18

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Fate upped to 1.18

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 26 May 2005, 20:27:43

Tags: Fate

Fate has another update per this thread. The new version is version 1.18 and is a 2.5MB patch file. Here's a list of the fixes:
  • Damage Reduced effect is no longer inverted! Thank goodness!
  • Elemental Damage Resistance effects weren't working ( Resist Fire spell? Totally borked ) Fixed now.
  • If you press ESC when your pet is buying/selling, it will exit the screen
  • pausing or alt-Tabbing while fishing will not cause you to lose your fish or stop fishing
  • Staves that are enchanted by default are now identified by default as well - unless they have extra enchantments. So it won't be so confusing when they have the same price identified vs unidentified
  • Ultra shadows will no longer revert to High after you exit
  • The Version Number now shows up on the main menu.
  • The Spartan's Cry no longer has 2 strength reqs
Hey, I like the version number thing. Makes posting news easier.

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