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Fate 1.19 patch released

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Fate 1.19 patch released

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 10 June 2005, 20:27:01

Tags: Fate

The 1.19 patch for Fate is now available. Here's the huge list of changes:
Fixes :
  • Holding the mouse and walking - when dragging mouse over inventory panel, massive slowdown ( was pathing to a remote location )
  • Crash when transforming pet WHILE selling from pet's inventory
  • Fishing holes could appear on 'land' when near stairwells
  • % Damage Reduced capped to 75 internally
  • Too many awesome Artifacts appearing when fishing in town, causing gold imbalance
  • Fame had bad requirement values from 14 on - fixed ( this also fixes those fame upgrade cost issues )
  • MODDERS: No crash if previous pet XForm removed from monster list...
  • Crash when holding a merchant's item that will not fit back into their inventory - fixed
  • Kill-The-Townsfolk exploit fixed ( crashed when killing questgivers )
Adds :
  • You can now see the real value of the next skill upgrade vs current skill (i.e. what percentages you will be upgraded to. )
  • Pets will not sell quest items when sent back to town
  • Spellcasting and Dual Wield skills rebalanced - They increased too quickly, and later points were not valuable enough
  • Banish spell added for some monsters - they can banish your summoned creatures
  • Bremen's Quest description now mentions monster type, to help you in planning
  • MODDERS: Weapons/helmets/shields can now have particle spewers or glows attached to them
  • Can now turn off custom cursors in the config file so that users experiencing slow cursor response can use the normal windows cursor.
  • Bow/crossbow ranges extended
  • Fish merchant now tells fish type. I give in!
  • Max pet town-trip time is 2 minutes
  • Scrolls can now be stacked into books ( max of 20 uses per book )
  • pet base damage increased by level - level 13 timberwolf goes from 11-18 damage to 24-31 damage as an example of how this affects things
  • "You didn't catch anything" message removed from fishing
  • Shift-Click will move items to/from enchant/break/anvil screens
  • Buying potions goes straight to quickslots first
  • Monsters have only a 10% chance of targeting owners when they attack pets, as opposed to 30% before - this should make pets/summons better shields
  • You can identify things in your stash
  • MODDERS: You can now add music tracks, in the form of town50 dungeon20 etc. It will pick them up automatically and work with them. These may also now be mp3s instead of just oggs
  • BIG magic change - Magic stat now affects damage dealt by spells ( for player only ) Additionally Damage Bonus effects now apply to magical damage as well. This should help make Attack Magic more viable, and Magic as a whole a more satisfying investment.
  • MODDERS: wielded/worn items ( weapons, shields, helms ) can now be animated
  • When 'View All Items' is toggled on, you can hold ALT to temporarily disable it and clear all that cluttery text from the screen
  • Items have a better chance of enhancing existing effects when enchanting them, rather than always giving new ones.
It's great to see the pet time to town is capped. Sending away a pet for seven minutes can make for some long fishing.

Thanks, Taluntain of Sorcerers.net!

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