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Geneforge 3 Wrap Report on RPG Vault

Geneforge 3 Wrap Report on RPG Vault

Editorial - posted by Fez on Thu 30 June 2005, 01:07:26

Tags: Geneforge 3; Jeff Vogel; Spiderweb Software

RPG Vault has a new Geneforge 3 Wrap Report feature, which contains Spiderweb Software developer Jeff Vogel's thoughts on Geneforge 3:

So far, the reaction to Geneforge 3 has been very much what I expected. My games mainly cater to a small, elite cadre of old-school RPG fans, and I've gotten a pretty good idea of what they like. With the increasing shortage of good, meaty single-player RPGs these days, as long as I work hard, I can maintain my audience. It's a big game, with cool dungeons, and an interesting plot. It's worked out.

It makes for some interesting reading, giving some insight into the mind of Jeff Vogel and what goes on behind the scenes.

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