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Fate pretty okay per X-Play

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Fate pretty okay per X-Play

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 19 August 2005, 05:29:37

Tags: Fate

There's a review of Fate over at X-Play. The score is a modest 3/5 stars, but most of the complaints seem to be about the lack of choices and the goofiness of the character models. Yeah, they do look goofy. Anyway, the conclusion:

Fate certainly isn’t the most innovative title out there. In fact, it’s quite easily labeled as a Diablo clone, and inherits its predecessor’s endlessly repetitive combat and gameplay. However, this game also somehow manages to stay fun hour after hour. As long as you stay interested, Fate will keep cranking out the random dungeons, tasks, and items to reward you.​
Hooray for random generation done right!

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