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Hammer & Sickle preview at Firing Squad

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Hammer & Sickle preview at Firing Squad

Preview - posted by Astromarine on Fri 19 August 2005, 14:32:40

Tags: Hammer & Sickle; Nival Interactive

FiringSquad has put up a preview of Hammer & Sickle.
There's not really much new being said, but it answers a small question I had about the game that I somehow missed from other similar previews:
The main character’s Soviet origins provide a fresh feeling but the game is not egregiously anti-American despite the very firm chill of the Cold War that had descended over the world during the time period in the game. It’s a little hard to buy the “good” Soviet Union theory, especially given my origins in Soviet-bloc Poland, but it’s not exactly offensive either and, as mentioned earlier, provides a fresh perspective.

It wouldn't have been a big deal if that was not the case, especially for people like me (i.e. western Eurotrash from a country unaffected by the war) with no attachment to the issue, but it' nice to know.

Spotted at: RPGDot

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