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Fate lubbed by GameSpy

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Fate lubbed by GameSpy

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sun 16 October 2005, 19:08:35

Tags: Fate

There's a review of Fate over at GameSpy. They loved it so much, they gave it a 4.5/5 stars with a Great! rating. Here's how they sum up the thing:

Since its release, Fate has developed a cult-like following. Mod tools have been released so fans can create their own goodies, and the forums on the website are bustling with activity. WildTangent deserves a huge amount of praise for delivering a remarkably addictive dungeon crawl, and at a mere $20, it's a fate anyone who enjoyed the solo portion of Diablo shouldn't hesitate to meet.​
I'd say it has more than a cult following. The funny thing is, when the game was released, they weren't sure if it would get enough sales to have a patch. It's been their best selling game since it's release.

Thanks, GreatAtlantic!

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