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Gothic 3 interview at TVG

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Gothic 3 interview at TVG

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Thu 27 October 2005, 00:39:52

Tags: Gothic III; Piranha Bytes

Total Video Games has posted a Gothic 3 interview with Stefan Burger, the marketing guy, and Kai Rosenkranz, the in-house composer, sound designer, visual effects & 2D graphics guy, and something-to-do-with-the-website guy. Yes, that's quite a list.

Anyway, here are some interesting bits:

For Gothic 3 we tried to maintain the original look-and-feel and at the same time add some innovative features where it makes sense. For those game players who are familiar with the predecessors, the third part will feel like home, but with some fresh and appropriate changes. One of the most significant alterations will be the reinvented combat/skills-system. We have overhauled the original approach and replaced the handful of skills from Gothic 2 with a huge amount of mini-talents. While the game players could do nothing but increase the numerical value of their skill up to 100% back then, they will now be able to form their very own talents by combining their preferred mini-talents.
In the intro of Gothic 3 you will see the ship shortly before the arrival on the mainland. You see burning cities and humans which are running away from the Orcs. Then you know: The Orc army has won the war against humankind. Humans are now slaves of the Orcs…
Another example is the whole story… As the Orcs have won the war against humankind the player can decide on which side he would like to play… Would he like to help the humankind against the Orcs or stay on the side of the Orcs?? Maybe a gamer would like to stay in the middle… When you help the Orcs the humans will not be happy with you… When you help the humans and you kill some Orcs the Orcs will pay bounty for you…

Actions and the way you interact will not be a part of a small mission… It will be part of the full game… and you have to decide which way you want to go…
Unique Elements: The unique elements of Gothic 3 are the believable world and the different solutions for the different adventures (freedom during the whole game).

This sounds very, VERY cool. Looks like the RPG genre has its champion once again.

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