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Gamezone spits at Hammer & Sickle

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Gamezone spits at Hammer & Sickle

Review - posted by Jinxed on Thu 8 December 2005, 21:31:49

Tags: Hammer & Sickle; Nival Interactive

Gamezone joins the list of sites to dish out a negative review of Hammer & Sickle. The review doesn't express anything good about the game. Here is a bit:
While billed as an RPG (role-playing game, single player only), the game is more of a turn-based adventure with some RPG elements. Turn-based, you say, how so? Well, each turn your toon, this Soviet agent, who is supposedly spying but that will be addressed in a moment, has AP (action points) that are expended in either movement or performing deeds. After the AP are expended, the game switches to your opposition, the computer controlled forces. They are clever and unless you are playing this game of chess right, you will lose.
Either this guy is an idiot or the gamezone's target audience are idiots. Either way, while explaining what turn based is, he forgot to mention that only the combat is turn based. How about letting someone who played the Jagged Alliance games review it? No? Then how about Silent Storm or at least Sentinels? No? Lets call it a turn based adventure and compare it to commandos and go home.

Spotted at: Gamezone

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