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Think Computers adores Hammer & Sickle

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Think Computers adores Hammer & Sickle

Review - posted by Jinxed on Fri 9 December 2005, 14:13:37

Tags: Hammer & Sickle; Nival Interactive

When I started reading this review on Think Computers I thought it might be the most complete review ever, but alas I was wrong. This review covers character creation, tutorial, the first mission and has an extensive introduction about Nival, CDV and H&S features. No word on the RPG content however. Here's the conclusion
Hammer and Sickle is a great game and I think lots of other people will agree with me, even though I thought the whole WWII theme was a bit played out, Hammer and Sickle breathes new life into the genre of WWII themed games with some very cool features and great gameplay. It is a fresh take on the genre and a nice break from the all to common first person shooters out there. For fans of Silent Storm I would suggest picking this up, as you will enjoy it, and for those not familiar with it, well pick both up, they are both great games.
First intelligent thing I've read in the recent H&S reviews so far.
Thanks, Screaming_life!

Spotted at: Think Computers

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