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Time-Waster's Guide enjoys Hammer & Sickle

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Time-Waster's Guide enjoys Hammer & Sickle

Review - posted by Jinxed on Sat 10 December 2005, 21:31:02

Tags: Hammer & Sickle; Nival Interactive

I found another positive review of Hammer & Sickle today on Time-Waster's Guide giving it a 5/6. Here's a snippet:
H&S leans in the stealthy, clandestine direction—more emphasis is put on the story, and dialogue trees. Instead of just receiving orders from a commanding officer, you instead must interrogate suspects, interview witnesses, and make deals. This is good, to a point. It’s certainly fun to try out different answers in conversations, but it still doesn’t rely on much brainpower and puzzle solving—often, the outcome of the conversation has more to do with luck than dialogue skills. In one of the first big conversations, for example, you wind up getting information for different missions depending simply on whether or not you accept the NPC’s offer of a drink. This dialogue focus was a risky move for Nival, as the writing in Silent Storm was notoriously bad—not only were the brief mission recaps bordering on nonsensical, but they were full of grammatical errors. Thankfully, H&S seems to have avoided the worst of that.
People seem to insist on calling this game a tactical RPG rather than a full blown RPG. If there are dialog trees, multiple paths and different consequences depending on your stats what's keeping them? Anyway, the review is pretty solid.

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