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Dragon Age forum update

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Dragon Age forum update

Game News - posted by Vault Dweller on Fri 24 February 2006, 20:10:01

Tags: BioWare; David Gaider; Dragon Age: Origins

Some Dragon Age forum highlights for you, the Dave Gaider collection:

Jade Empire was what we refer to as an Action RPG (I hope Volourn will shut up now - VD). It focused a lot more on the action, which was perhaps more animation-driven than stats-driven, though it still had character advancement in it as well as a deep story with lots of dialogue. So I'm not sure I would call it "story-lite", just a change in focus.

Most games we make are more traditional RPG's, though even in that category there's plenty of room for people to have different definitions. Someone recently was saying that we didn't make RPG's at all because they weren't sandbox-style games where you could wander a simulated world at will. Your mileage may vary.

Dragon Age is not what we'd call an Action RPG. It's much more like a next-generation Baldur's Gate, with a party and a story style pretty similar to that. What you make of that is up to you, but to us the focus here is very much on the storytelling and not so much on the combat (not that there won't be plenty of that, too).
Developing games partly consists of us making games that we want to make ourselves (and, yes, sometimes this involves trying new things and not making the exact same game every time out -- as much as this might make some NWN fans howl or made BG2 fans howl before when NWN was being made) and partly of making games that we think want to be played (I hope Volourn will shut up now - VD). And the latter is not an exact science, to be sure, because as has been mentioned if we simply made a new BG1 it would not fly. And updating any part of that (such as making it 3D) means making changes which I suspect would be sacrilege to you.
There are neither health potions nor mana potions, not in the sense that they instantly refresh your health bar or mana bar. The closest we come is a potion that lets you stretch what mana you have a little further, but it has drawbacks to consider as well, making it more of a tactical consideration instead of a no-brainer.
The potion design sounds interesting. Tactical considerations are always nice.

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