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Master Creating creating again!

Master Creating creating again!

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 25 July 2006, 07:05:41

Tags: Jan Beuck; Master Creating

It's appears Jan Beuck and crewman is hard at work once again on another game.

Hamburg, 24.07.2006 - Action RPGers look forward to Q2 2007! Then ANACONDA,
Hamburg based adventure expert publisher, will be releasing Legend: Hand of
- a new milestone in the action RPG genre. "It's addicting like Diablo,
looks nice like Prince of Persia", German games magazine PC Games describes.

Legend: Hand of God gives players a fantasy scenario. They will be helping a
young adept by fighting the evil - and will have to stand in loads of action
filled battles.

Unique graphic features like the cinematic combat system will make even
watching the battles fun: Enemies will be fought depending on their size -
so it can happen that Legend's hero jumps on the back of a giant troll to
finally finish him. Controlling Legend: Hand of God will stay as easys as
players are used to.

Many more unique features, state of the art graphics and great atmosphere
and storyline will make Legend: Hand of God a must have not only for fans of
Action RPGs.

Legend: Hand of God is being developed by Hamburg based studio Master
. US top story writer Susan O'Connor, Hollywood lead artist Paul
Campion and creative director Andreas Adamek - one of the Gianna Sister's
creators - are also part of the team.

German players will read more on Legend: Hand of God in the upcoming issue
09/2006 of PC Games which will be available in stores from July, 26 on.

When visiting the official ANACONDA forum, players will have the chance, to
meet the developers of Master Creating for an Q&A:

That means I'll have to dig up more jpegs of David Hasselhoff!

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