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Pro-G reviews Gothic 3's performance but forgets game

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Pro-G reviews Gothic 3's performance but forgets game

Review - posted by Role-Player on Thu 16 November 2006, 23:11:48

Tags: Gothic III; Piranha Bytes

Another lackluster review for Gothic 3 has surfaced on the web, this time from UK based gaming website Pro-G which gives a 6/10 to Piranha Bytes' game. Unfortunately, the review is what's lackluster as it doesn't really say a whole lot about gameplay. Mandatory quote:

So, what have I listed up so far for Gothic 3? Terrible graphics, dialogue and narration, and a needlessly resource-hungry engine that renders a large amount of the game unplayable? Yep, check all those. But, ludicrous as it sounds, Gothic 3 has some strangely addictive and compelling qualities that I really have no explanation for. I've been playing the game for a fair while now and I've waged war in one awful duel after another. Each time I've lamented the lack of exciting, realistic sound effects as swords bounce silently off each other. Each time I've been in fear of another game crash or stutter-bug. Each time I've sworn that this is the last goddamn time I will try to kill a bandit in my life.

But each time I end up coming back for more. And I don't understand why. The game is obviously unfinished and badly made; it's the very type of game that developers shouldn't be allowed to release as, in my opinion, an unplayable game must be in breach of some trading standards law somewhere. It goes against the very nature of a game.

On the other hand, a useless review must be in breach of relevancy to readers everywhere.

Spotted at: Pro-G

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