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The Black Hound lives!

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The Black Hound lives!

Development Info - posted by Role-Player on Tue 9 January 2007, 17:49:53

Tags: Baldur's Gate III: The Black Hound; Josh Sawyer; Neverwinter Nights 2

Former Black Isle all-star J.E. Sawyer has recently confirmed that he is reviving his The Black Hound project with a module for Obsidian Entertainment's Neverwinter Nights 2. Speculation began after this thread at Obsidian's forums. Here's a snippet about the Epithet system, one of the more promising features:

I'm going to pretend this is a toolset/custom content thread! I've been working on a personal project in recent free time (mostly spent recovering from wisdom teeth being removed). In addition to learning a lot about mapping, I'm starting to get involved in scripting (which I've actually never done much of) and creating custom icons.

Today I worked on aspects of the epithet system for the campaign I'm building. Epithets are specialized reputations that are built over time across the campaign. Unlike local reputations that may only affect interactions with NPCs within a set of maps, epithets draw reactions from characters all over the campaign -- though they are very spread out.

The system itself is pretty simple. Each epithet has a global variable that is incremented in coversation (and occasionally outside of conversation). When the character has increased that particular variable enough, they will be "awarded" with the epithet, which takes the form of a feat. The feat has no statistical bonus, but is occasionally checked in NPC conversations.

However, Josh is quick to dismiss the possibility of The Black Hound becoming a premium module for NWN2:

I don't really want it to become a premium module. I'd rather work on it by myself as a personal project with all of the inherent benefits and limitations that come with that. I think it will probably take me between 1 and 3 years to fully build.

Better work fast on that one before Feargus sees the SLAM DUNK potential, Josh. Best of luck with the project.

Spotted at: Obsidian Forums

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