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Slovaks check in on The Witcher

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Slovaks check in on The Witcher

Interview - posted by suibhne on Wed 24 January 2007, 21:54:35

Tags: CD Projekt; Witcher, The

For those still wondering about The Witcher, ostensibly to be released sometime during the 1998-2007 decade, Slovak site Sector just published a new interview with CD Projekt PR Manager Lukasz Mach. Here's a promising snippet:

Player’s choice is not only important for further quest results, but also is an effect of player’s actual feelings about the things that happen. That’s very engaging, when every decision is subjective and brings a different solution with following consequences. Also, the most important choices have their effect much further in the gameplay, just to avoid loading the game to check the alternative way out. You’ll also notice a butterfly effect sometimes, when banal situations can cause quite important consequences in the story. We’re on the opinion that thanks to those features we got very close to the atmosphere of the book, which we hope players also will feel.​
The interview doesn't offer much new information, but it's a good review of the game's sources and basic approach - particularly its combination of real-time reflex-based combat with branching, non-linear storylines and long-term consequences for player choices.

In other news, this author humbly suggests that Mr. Mach lead an online seminar for PR Managers for other CRPG development houses, covering vital topics such as telling the truth and not being smarmy. (Not that I'm thinking of any particular PR managers for any particular American RPG developers, no sir.)

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