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Interesting Fallout 3 interview at Spong

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Interesting Fallout 3 interview at Spong

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Thu 26 July 2007, 05:13:23

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; Fallout 3

Spong has posted a 4-page long Fallout 3 interview, featuring Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel concept art for extra awesomeness and instant "we are Fallout fans too!" credibility.

What’s the whole deal with rabid Fallout fanboys desperately worried that Fallout 3 is not going to be a proper RPG?

Pete Hines: Well, at its core Fallout 3 is definitely a role-playing game. If you are of the opinion that any Fallout RPG has to be exactly like the games that came out in 1997 and 1998 down to every feature and detail, that’s definitely not the game we are making. We are trying to make a true successor in the Fallout franchise, something that is a true role-playing game that immerses you in this world, and hopefully brings out the best of what that series is about – which is great tone and setting and themes and characters and player choice… You know, it’s a really interesting, special role-playing system.

If folks are interested in a new Fallout game (as opposed to being slavishly interested in a specific list of demands relating to Fallout or Fallout2); or [they] are just interested in role-playing in general but may not have played the original games; or they are just looking for the next big RPG or the next big RPG coming from Bethesda… we certainly hope all of those folks are interested in what we are up to with Fallout 3.
Or they don't really care what to play next as long as it's shiny. In other words, Fallout 3 is a game for everyone but Fallout fans.

You have no idea why he [dad] left. You expected him to be there and he’s not. So this is kind of the jumping off point. The overseer’s thugs are out to get you and you basically figure out a way to break out of the Vault like your father did to go in search of him.

“What was so important? Why did he leave me behind? What did he need to go and do? Where is he?” These are the questions you ask yourself and these are your reasons for leaving the Vault and venturing out into this post-nuclear wasteland.

Whereas in this game Liam Neeson is the impetus for the majority of the main quest – it’s about finding your father, finding out what he is up to, finding out if you can help him.
I really, really dislike games where I'm supposed to find missing relatives, especially when it's "the majority of the main quest".

Your biggest foes in the game are these super-mutants that are invading the world and are in a constant battle to push humans out.
Invading the world, are they?

Do you have any of the guys from the original Fallout or Fallout 2 teams involved?
No, it's our team. Mainly the Oblivion team.

How many guys do you have working on the writing side of things?
Pete Hines: Probably about the same size team we had working on Oblivion.
The Oblivion "talent". Sounds promising.

I saved the best quote for last:

If you choose to play the game violently, then so be it, but it is in the context of this much larger role-playing game where you are talking to people and solving problems and buying and trading things.

The same thing could be said for Oblivion...

Thanks, Briosafreak

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