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Drakensang preview at GamerNode

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Drakensang preview at GamerNode

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Tue 11 September 2007, 16:51:24

Tags: Drakensang

GamerNode's newest contributor Thomas Beekers has posted a Drakensang preview:

From the announcement onwards, this game has been marketed as "Baldur's Gate in 3D." The developers have made it clear that this game is not a sequel to the classic series, but another take at the DSA world in a cRPG setting. Fair enough, but the question becomes "how good is their take?"

The tentative answer is "not bad."​
Sadly, this conclusion is drawn mostly from developers' promises and wishful thinking, but let's give Thomas Beekers, whoever he is, a break this time.

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