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The Codex oversleeps indie RPG release

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The Codex oversleeps indie RPG release

Game News - posted by Monolith on Sun 11 November 2007, 12:12:04

Tags: Parhedros: The Tunnels of Sethir

Really, how did that happen? I'm talking of Parhedros: The Tunnels of Sethir here. It's a fantasy, old skool dungeon-crawling RPG with turn-based combat developed by Laurion Studios.

Parhedros: The Tunnels of Sethir is an innovative fantasy role-playing game of deep exploration, rich tactical combat, complex NPCs with highly realistic AI personalities, and deviously fun (and entirely optional) puzzles!

Great 3D Graphics! Parhedros is a fully-featured 3D computer role-playing game, bringing you old-school style role-playing with the eye-pleasing graphics of today!

Exciting Character Classes! Play as cool and unusual fantasy role-playing characters inspired by traditional Celtic, Norse and Greco-Roman faerie mythologies. Playable characters include: Satyrs, Glaistigs, Centaurs, Spider-Folk, Valkyrja, and the Prithivim (royal descendants of the dwarves)!

Authentic and Fun Magic! Parhedros uses a magic system which is not only fun and well-balanced but also historically authentic, as it is based on painstaking research into ancient magical literature and modern occult practices! And with five different schools of magic to master, no two spell-casting characters will ever be alike.

A Deadly World to Explore! Parhedros is a good, old-fashioned dungeon-crawl. Your Quest sends you directly into a mysterious and dangerous dungeon, populated with interesting characters and fiendish monsters, in order to solve a problem of major importance to your character.

Innovative, Tactical Combat! Parhedros revolves around challenging and insanely fun tactical combat. The battles are turn-based, and demand thoughtful deployment, effective maneuver, and a sound mix of unit types.

Life-Like, Interesting NPCs! Parhedros features a revolutionary Non-Player Character (NPC) interaction system. Our goal is to make it seem that you are chatting with real people, not talking billboards! Each NPC has a richly developed personality and a complex maze of moods and desires. Based on how you interact with each NPC, you may become the best of friends or mortal enemies, or possibly even starry-eyed lovers!

Interactive Plot and Story-Telling! Parhedros is an innovative experiment in interactive story-telling, using the techniques of interactive fiction and hyperfiction. You can spend hours chatting with the main Non-Player Characters in order to learn about their histories, motivations and secrets, and thus better understand how to solve the intricate mysteries of the Tunnels of Sethir!

Mentally Stimulating! The Tunnels of Sethir abound with dozens of deviously fun and challenging puzzles, which you can solve or ignore as you prefer; open magical chests by answering clever riddles to discover valuable treasures, or decipher ancient tomes written in a strange code to learn powerful magical spells!

Highly Replayable! Every game you play is different! You will explore different levels, and encounter different monsters. You may even have a different Main Quest!

Easy to Customize! We make it easy for you to customize your game! You can easily add your own character portraits, change the main menu art, and play your own music (mp3 format) while exploring the world or fighting in battle!​
TB combat, high replayability and mental stimulation! Now, if we also have to read...

It's shareware so you can give it a try for free. The full version costs $14.95 until holidays start and $22.95 afterwards.

If you intend to get it then don't forget about the patch that's been released today.

Spotted at: RPG Watch

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