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Tomasz Bagiński spills the beans – The Witcher will return?

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Tomasz Bagiński spills the beans – The Witcher will return?

Development Info - posted by Elwro on Mon 12 November 2007, 22:16:07

Tags: CD Projekt; Witcher, The

In case you don't know, Bagiński is the guy behind the intro for The Witcher and some obscure Oscar-nominated stuff no one really understands. The above mentioned individual was interviewed by a Polish TV station called TVN CNBC Business and, as reports, said for example the following:

*Tomasz Bagiński - Prawdopodobnie będę też uczestniczył w kolejnych odsłonach gry Wiedźmin [...]
* Prowadzący - No właśnie, a zatem Wiedźmin, kolejna odsłona powstanie kiedy, za dwa lata najwcześniej czy może za rok?
* Tomasz Bagiński - Wcześniej, półtorej roku oni chyba planują.


* Tomasz Bagiński - It's likely that I will be involved in further installments of The Witcher [...]
* Interviewer - All right, The Witcher. So, when will the next game be made? Two years earliest, but perhaps one?
* Tomasz Bagiński - Sooner, I think they're aiming at eighteen months.

Discuss! Or rather, play the game and save often to avoid clipping bugs. (Damn!)

Thanks for letting us know, Mor!
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