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Gameplayer Australia says Fallout 3 will rock because...

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Gameplayer Australia says Fallout 3 will rock because...

Editorial - posted by JarlFrank on Wed 2 April 2008, 21:38:10

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; Fallout 3

...because Oblivion sucked.

[blatantly plagiarizing this title from Brother None]

The fact that this almost sacred series is about to receive a next-gen sequel in the form of Fallout 3 is, dear readers, a big deal. In a market where sequels seem to be nothing but reworked versions of their predecessors, with little or no innovation when it comes to story telling and/or immersion, we think that it is reasonable for Fallout fans to be a little worried.

So, basically, what they are saying is: sequels are usually so-so, because they don't innovate and never change anything of the original gameplay. And that's the reason why Fallout fans are so worried and don't trust Bethesda. Everyone fears they're going to make a boring turn-based isometric RPG with boring long dialog trees and the intelligence stat even having a meaning [LOL since wen dose intellugenc matter wehn playyng gaemz LULZ?] instead of the action-filled next-gen RPG everyone's waiting for. Because that's what Fallout fans want. Innovation, which means, a game that has nothing in common with the first two games!

Of course, you may know Bethesda from a little game called Oblivion, which itself has faced its fair share of controversy. The big question we therefore have to ask is this: does Bethesda have the balls to make Fallout 3 kick arse? Well that depends on whether they can face up to the flaws of Oblivion. Certainly that game will do them no favours with Fallout’s hardcore fans: in fact, one of the original developer’s key staff described the sale of the license as feeling like "our ex wife had sold our children that she had legal custody of." Talk about pressure!

So, basically they appear to be quite reasonable. Oblivion had flaws. Don't think I read that very often on a mainstream gaming site. Then they're listing the different flaws Oblivion had, but I think every Codexer knows these already.

The ironic thing is, though... they're absolutely fucking optimistic about Fallout 3.

With around 40 different voices being used for Fallout 3, those embarrassing vocal mess ups we witnessed in Oblivion should be a thing of the past.

That said, the promise of multiple endings in Fallout 3 (over 200 according to Todd Howard, the Executive Producer of the game) indicates that Bethesda is hard at work on developing the intricacies of player choice in the game – such as good, neutral and evil decisions. It’s a promising sign.

Yep, they first complain about Oblivion and then assume that Bethesda has learned from their faults and will inevitably make it better in Fallout 3.

Read the full article here.

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