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Drakensang Demo Impressions

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Drakensang Demo Impressions

Preview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Sat 16 August 2008, 06:16:18

Tags: Drakensang

GameBanshee have written up their impressions of the Drakensang demo. Here's a

The upside of this is that Drakensang offers a fresh game in a time when “brown is real” is all the rage. It's been a while since I've seen grass that’s actually green in games, let alone with butterflies flying about. Radon Labs did a really good job designing the world and it looks very well-made despite some graphical limitations, with detailed and careful placement of plants and animals making for a convincing game world.


The quest design appears to be fairly basic and straight-forward in nature. The objectives are predictable and safe - “find this item”, “go there and kill the foozle”, etc. Rather than providing clear instructions on where to go, the game utilizes map markers and a quest compass, much to its detriment.​
Read on to find out how the combat has that "Infinity Engine" feel.

Thanks Brother None!

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