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Choices & Consequences in Dragon Age

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Choices & Consequences in Dragon Age

Interview - posted by baby arm on Wed 3 September 2008, 06:49:56

Tags: David Gaider; Dragon Age: Origins

BioWare writer and Codex dweller David Gaider chatted up Crispy Gamer about Dragon Age: Origins.
Crispy Gamer: In Dragon Age, during the demo I noticed a lot of talk about choices affecting how the game plays and where you go. How much do choices factor into the ending of the game?

Gaider: BioWare creates story-driven games. We don't really create sandbox games. There's even a point in Baldur's Gate II where the world opens up and you can go wherever, but it's still under our control. Of course, you can lose yourself in the world of Dragon Age, the choices are there. I would say that there are more choices than in our more recent titles, but that's hard to judge.

There are a few big decisions that you have to make towards the middle of the game that change things quite a bit. In fact, those are really hard to write because once those things are in place so you have to account for them through the rest of the game. To that end, there have been places where we've been tempted to take things out because it would be easier on us.

Crispy Gamer: Do some hand-holding?

Gaider: Right, but we decided to keep them in because we love those parts. We love the way this works and how there's more freedom. For endings, we have big endings and small endings. I love the Fallout idea where you find out how the choices you made effect different areas we went to.

There's also some bits about level scaling and how Gaider wants to make you cry so read on.
Spotted at: Crispy Gamer

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