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Memories of Baldur's Gate

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Memories of Baldur's Gate

Interview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Sat 10 January 2009, 01:46:05

Tags: Baldur's Gate; BioWare

RPGVault have thrown up part two of their article on Baldur's Gate. You can catch part 1 here and then read part 2 of their article "Baldur's Gate Memories - Part 2: Reminiscences from the Lead Designer on BioWare's classic title that marked the RPG genre's return to prominence". It's interviews with guys at BioWare:
"Huge, beautiful and highly replayable, it is a 'must-have' for any serious or even casual RPG fan... Baldur's Gate will... return serious role-playing games to their rightful place at the center of the computer gaming universe." These words were part of the concluding paragraph in RPG Vault's review of BioWare's landmark late 1998 release that signaled the genre's emergence from a relatively barren half-decade or so.

Dan Tudge, Project Director & Executive Producer, Dragon Age: Origins: The story, characters and lush 2D painted environments were all complimented by addicting combat, progression and customization. It was clear right then and there that story-driven role-playing games would never be the same, that a new bar had been set by BioWare, and that this was only the beginning. Fans of role playing games owe a lot to those original team members at BioWare and the trail they blazed for all of us.

James Ohlen, Lead Designer, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Lead Designer, Baldur's Gate: I had a lot of fun as lead designer on Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate II. Those games were a chance for me to bring everything I love about Dungeons & Dragons to a computer game. I remember trying to cram every creature, setting and class that I could think of into the latter in an attempt to outdo the first game. As much fun as those titles were to make, we did go a little crazy, and built a world that really was just a pastiche of everything that had been done in fantasy. The main city in Baldur's Gate II had a beholder cult, a lich, vampire assassins, a crazy illusionist, etc. While we did try hard to bring it all together into a consistent story, in the end, the world still felt a little like a comic book.

Yup, blazing a trail right into Oblivion.

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