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Planet Fallout on The Pitt.

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Planet Fallout on The Pitt.

Preview - posted by Edward_R_Murrow on Wed 11 March 2009, 01:32:11

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; Fallout 3

Continuing in the grand Codex tradition of covering games we don't like very much, here is an interview with Jeff Gardiner, Senior Producer and best dresser at Bethesda, about the Pitt DLC, supplied by Planet Fallout.
The Pitt opens with the player encountering an escaped slave from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The slave, Werhner, claims that the leader of “the Pitt” has created a cure for mutations… Once inside the Pitt the player will take on the role of a Slave – they’ll have to find work, and figure out how to gain audience with raider boss. From there things could start to devolve depending heavily on how the player chooses to proceed.

You can play the role of a doing fetch quests, killing monsters, and fighting people. That's such a novel experience.
At a certain point in the quest the player will have to prove their worth and fight a series of battles in the Pitt, a fighting area situated underneath the Steel Mill. Raiders climb the fence above the pitt as the player is challenged variety of foes. Each fight starts with barrels of toxic radiation being dropped down, which adds an additional element of tension. Depending on the player’s previous choices and allegiances, they’ll have different weaponry and other unique items at their disposal.

Barrels of radiation? I didn't know you could contain it in barrels...
The Achievements for Operation Anchorage were fairly linear. Will the achievements for The Pitt be the same way?

Three of the four relate to completing stages of the quest. One is much more difficult, it involves the player finding the majority of the ‘Steel Ingots’ found throughout the area.

I'm sure glad they are tackling the real issues; achievements.

Spotted at: No Mutants Allowed

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