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Ascaron kick the bucket over Sacred 2

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Ascaron kick the bucket over Sacred 2

Company News - posted by DarkUnderlord on Sat 18 April 2009, 09:30:49

Tags: Ascaron Entertainment; Sacred 2

Apparently only for the Germans though because it's only been posted on their German site. Mein German ist nicht so here's google translate ja:
Ascaron Entertainment GmbH on 14 April 2009 Amtsgericht Bielefeld to open insolvency proceedings is requested. The experienced G├╝tersloher Insolvenzrechtler Dr. Frank M. Welsch has become the provisional liquidator appointed.

The company presents itself under the protection of bankruptcy. Ascaron Entertainment GmbH wants it the chance to exercise, the company and not as many jobs to save. The Action RPG Sacred2 is a world famous game with an international potential on all platforms.

Sacred2 has a PC version in Germany from October 2008 for 5 weeks 1 on the charts shows and several awards. Already at the end of 2008 could Sacred2 sold more than 100,000 games reported. International Ascaron has Sacred2 PC with top rankings in the charts, and more than 400,000 sales achieved.

The development of Sacred2 Playstation3 and Xbox 360 versions of a few days ago, could be successfully completed. The necessary approvals were granted Sony and Microsoft.

Both versions of Sacred2 are expected in mid-May in the trade available. Currently the developers are working on a PC Sacred2 AddOn as well as on the development of the successor product Sacred3.

The Ascaron this week launched legal action after it has been necessary in the 4-year development phase of title successes Sacred2 to developmental delays have occurred. Despite the high personal commitment of all employees in the development of this residue could not be fully compensated.

The Executive Committee has already begun talks with several well-known prospects for the adoption, together with the provisional liquidator continued.

They're adopting, yay! Though I wouldn't have thought 400,000 sales for Sacred 2 was too bad. According to the press release, Sacred 2's console release has been delayed a few months too.

Spotted @ RPGWatch

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