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'We've Made It Feel Like A Very Strong Console Game'

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'We've Made It Feel Like A Very Strong Console Game'

Preview - posted by Edward_R_Murrow on Thu 16 July 2009, 08:08:43

Tags: BioWare; Dragon Age: Origins

...Is what Bioware's Greg Zeschuk has to say about Dragon Age in an interview with the online P3Zine. It's a PDF, so click at your own risk. Here's a snippet courtesy of (who else?) Gamebanshee:
When it comes to RPGs, many console gamers are perhaps more familiar with the likes of Final Fantasy, Fable, and Mass Effect rather than teh more hardcore Dungeons & Dragons-esque roots of Dragon Age. Should those types of players still be excited for Dragon Age?

Yeah, I think they should still be excited for Dragon Age, in a large part because it does actually add a lot to the genre. Many people that have played Mass Effect look at Dragon Age and go 'wow', you know, there's certainly some similarities, and the cinematic presentation - while different - is certainly reminiscent. Beyond that, there's an amazing story, and I think console players will find that the game feels very much like a console game. We've actually completely redone the interface from the ground-up on the console, so even though it started out at home on the PC, we've made it feel like a very strong console game.
Maybe I'm missing something, but wasn't KOTOR a pretty big hit on the console front? And Dragon Age's control scheme and overall style of play seems quite reminiscent of both KOTORs. On a more positive note, Bioware is working on trying to make it so popular user-created modules will be able to be played by console players, which is certainly a good thing, if only because it might stymie DLC a slight bit. Then again, they'd probably end up charging for it, probably due to a mandate Microsoft has, and I think Sony has as well, regarding online marketplaces.
Spotted at: Gamebanshee

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