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Risen gone gold

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Risen gone gold

Game News - posted by Monolith on Sat 19 September 2009, 13:00:41

Tags: Piranha Bytes; Risen

The PC version of Risen has gone gold and will be available worldwide on October 2nd, 2009. Here's the official press release I officially snatched from RPGWatch:

Risen PC Goes Gold!

RPG from Piranha Bytes and Deep Silver reaches gold master status

Hermosa Beach, Calif. - September 18, 2009 - Deep Silver Inc., a publisher of interactive entertainment software and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Koch Media, and the developer Piranha Bytes just announced that the RPG Risen has reached gold status for Windows PC and will be released worldwide on October 2, 2009. The game is expected to be released on the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft in North America early next year.
About Risen:

This epic role playing game is set in a medieval world on a volcanic Mediterranean island, The "Risen" story unfolds over four chapters and will offer multiple ways to develop the story by his own actions and decisions. An innovative and intuitive user control interface will support both casual and hardcore gamers. With full world streaming support, the player will have a seamless experience while playing in a fully simulated game world with authentic characters.

More information about Risen may be found at http://risen.deepsilver.com

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