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A Farewell to Dragons at RPG Watch

A Farewell to Dragons at RPG Watch

Review - posted by Jason on Sun 3 January 2010, 22:12:04

Tags: A Farewell to Dragons

RPG Watch had a wack at A Farewell to Dragons (aka Not the Time for Dragons aka Yet Another Wonky Russian Game) and shared this review with the world.

Due to the dramatically inept English localization, even being sure of the main points of the plot can be difficult at times, and getting any nuances is totally out of the picture. I’m a fan of many games where English isn’t the primary language, and I’m usually unfazed by rough translations, but this isn’t just a question of a few garbled sentences or even the often humorous misuse of words. It’s dialogue boxes that scroll through minutes of incomprehensible or nonsensical questions and answers, assigning quests that have you wandering cluelessly across multiple maps or have to be reloaded and redone several times because pertinent information is just not there. The old adage ‘Save Early and Save Often’ is indispensable here. About the only thing to be grateful for in these exchanges is the lack of voice acting.​
The final score is 2 out of 5 stars.

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