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Arcanum Steampunk Semi-Erotic Fanfiction Contest

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Arcanum Steampunk Semi-Erotic Fanfiction Contest

None - posted by Jason on Thu 18 March 2010, 21:57:07

Tags: Arcanum: of Steamworks and Magick Obscura; Troika Games

Due to the recent revelation that some folks still have not yet played Arcanum: of Steamworks and Magick Obscura, a local Codexer (who wishes to remain anonymous) donated three Arcanum GOG gift certificates to the winners of our Arcanum Steampunk Semi-Erotic Fanfiction Contest! Yes, you can be one of three lucky degenerates to win a free copy of Arcanum (or any other GOG title of your choosing) just by providing us with an Arcanum-related semi-erotic short story. Note the "semi-erotic" as this should take place in a Victorian society where explicit dwarf-on-orc sodomy/golden shower sessions would be unacceptable, yet deeper and more subtle perversions lurk behind every bodice and lapel. If you're not familiar with the setting of Arcanum, take a gander at the manual or browse around Terra Arcanum for ideas. Feel free to add illustrations.

Post your submissions in this here thread and we'll pick the winners on Saturday, March 27th. Good luck!

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