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Black Crypt remake site launched

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Black Crypt remake site launched

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 31 December 2002, 00:44:59

Tags: Black Crypt

Rick Johnson has launched the remake site for his port of Black Crypt to the PC. This site also has some new screenshots, a link to some forums, and other fun things. Here's the 411 on the front page:

Well, I spent most of my Christmas break working on the GL port of Crypt. I finished up all of the graphic primitives and just have a little tweaking left to do. I added a few screenshots of the first level.

I'll probably do an initial test release again, consisting of the first level, just to make sure the game works well. It currently requires a video card which supports 1024 texture sizes. All nvidia hardware supports this, but most 3dfx hardware does not (VooDoo3 and below). I'm going to have some internal testing at Raven first, and if everything goes well, look for this soon!

Oh, baby! Retro love!

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