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Drakensang 3 will be a Browser Game

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Drakensang 3 will be a Browser Game

Game News - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Fri 30 July 2010, 11:45:15

Tags: Drakensang; RPG Codex

After Radon Labs failed to secure further funding, went insolvent and was acquired by BigBoint GmbH (<span class="postbody">worldwide leader in browser-based video games) some feared that Drakensang 3 was going to be a browser game too. </span>
<span class="postbody">Turns out this was correct, PCGames.de reports that BigPoint has revealed Drakensang Online. If you cannot into german, here's a google translation that might or might not be helpful.</span>
<span class="postbody">Will they release the english version of Drakensang 2 eventually? I wouldn't bet on it.
Spotted at: RPGWatch

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