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The Art of Decadence

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The Art of Decadence

Interview - posted by Jason on Sat 25 September 2010, 02:22:03

Tags: DoubleBear Productions; The Age of Decadence

Tired of dealing with loudmouths like VD and Annie, GameBanshee turned the spotlight to Iron Tower's Oscar Velzi for a rundown on the artistic side of Age of Decadence and Dead State.

GB: You're also working on Dead State. Can you give us an idea of the core art direction concepts that you're working with for that title?

Oscar: Sure. Unlike AoD, I’ve been with with Dead State since the beginning. This gives me both freedom and a big responsibility. While I’m still playing around with the art style a little, the goal is to give players a sense of familiarity with the environment, showing them everyday places in a new light. There would be areas that would be completely looted, in disarray, and others that will be just… empty of life, as if the humans just disappeared leaving their life behind. We want to tell little stories with the props and areas in the game, that will allow you to see what was happening there some time ago, or when the apocalypse hit. And as a counterweight, we have the shelter, which is an island of order in a sea of chaos. There things are quite different to the outside world. It’s a place with life, a reminder of how things were before. That’s what I’m aiming to capture. I’m still working on the actual art style for the game, but those are the goals I have.

Note: I intended at this point to link to that ZRPG children's library screenshot with Pedobear hiding underneath one of the desks, but I failed to locate it. You'll just have to use your imagination.


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