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Spiderweb's Sweet Fifteen

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Spiderweb's Sweet Fifteen

Company News - posted by Jason on Fri 1 October 2010, 07:13:24

Tags: Jeff Vogel; Spiderweb Software

Spiderweb Software reached the advanced age (for a game developer at least) of 15 years old this month. And like any teenager, there's only one present that will make the cut: cash. Well, cash and malt liquor.
Here's Jeff Vogel's pitch for the Spiderweb Software Fifteenth Birthday Sale:

It was fifteen years ago that fledgling Indie game developer Spiderweb Software  released its first game out into the wild. This was, by game industry standards, a long time ago. Back then, small developers sold something called "shareware." The World Wide Web barely existed. People took photographs on "film." Cell phones were the size of loaves of bread. Also, dinosaurs ruled the Earth.

Yes,  the past millennium was a dark and confusing time. And yet, we prevailed, making many fine Retro fantasy role-playing games for Windows and Macintosh. And now we invite you to celebrate our continued survival by offering hefty discounts on the fruits of our labors. For the whole month of October, all collections of our games are 25% off, and everything else we sell is 10% off. CDs containing three or five deep, full-length RPGs, already sold at a discount, are now even cheaper!

So, whether you need a big pile of distractions from the recession and the cold, dark of winter, or you need a nice CD to give as a gift to a gamer friend, or you just like collecting shiny discs, we are eager to help.

Not convinced? Try out one of our huge, free demos.

And here's hoping for another fifteen years. With any luck, our 30th birthday e-mail will be sent out from inside our Pleasure Pod and will celebrate flying cars and the Cure For Death.​

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