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Grimoire - Better than Anything Else Out There

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Grimoire - Better than Anything Else Out There

Development Info - posted by Jason on Sat 11 December 2010, 20:22:37

Tags: Grimoire: Heralds of the Winged Exemplar

Cleve has an update on how awesome Grimoire is turning out to be.

Awesome final meeting with Mordecai that I came out of unscathed by using my diplomatic skills to give him the runaround instead of turning over the tablet I had acquired. After winning over Captain Krone early in the Village of Crowl, I was now marked as a made man by the Vanguard with a future in the officer corps and simply brought this to Mordecai’s attention. I had forgotten about that as well, this guy showed up threatening me to turn over the tablet or he’d blow me away, right after my party was still recovering from the Samhain Horror encounter. No way I would have survived so I just bluffed my way through it and it worked – Mordecai deferred until I could deal with him and his masters in the Vanguard, much later on in the game. I planned to join them soon and work within their ranks to destroy them instead of a direct confrontation. This will make my dealings later on with Ahriman a lot easier to weather when my goals begin to run counter to their aims.

Grimoire rocks. It’s better than anything else out there for RPGs if you’re looking for the classic roleplaying adventure.

Little known fact: most of the encounters in Grimoire are autobiographical.

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