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GarfunkeL needs your help BG1 fans!

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GarfunkeL needs your help BG1 fans!

Community - posted by DarkUnderlord on Sat 23 April 2011, 03:47:17

Tags: Baldur's Gate

Esteemed Codexian GarfunkeL is in desperate need of your help! He's trying to find a song:


This one song has been stuck in my head now. It plays in BG1 when Xan talks with the protagonist and the fucking BG1NPC-mod doesn't list it, as it's "unknown", which is bullshit since it's used in several films - none of which I can recall at the moment. It sounds western-y, maybe with pan flutes or something, no words, very melodic - maybe something that Vangelis would do. It's quite slow too, slowly building up.

I know this isn't much to go but maybe if the description brings up ideas, folks could list them here and I'll go through them.

It's a bit similar to Conquest of Paradise but slower and more haunting.

Edit: the beginning of Ennio Morricone - Duck You Sucker - Giu' La Testa, watch:
is pretty similar, just replace the "whistling" with pan flute.


Can you help GarfunkeL? Are you able to save him from the pits of despair and give him the name of that tune - or will GarfunkeL never get his answer and be left to die in misery, possibly ending his own life due to the painful pain of unknowing?


GarfunkeL needs you Codex! Don't let him down in his time of need. His life is in your hands.

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