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Lionheart gameplay Q&A at RPG Vault

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Lionheart gameplay Q&A at RPG Vault

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 17 January 2003, 12:21:35

Tags: Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader

RPG Vault has posted a little interview dealie with a few of the BIS and Reflexive boys about how they play Lionheart. Here's a sample.

Jonric: One of the features of the SPECIAL character system is that every few levels, characters can choose bonuses called perks. Based on the way you enjoy playing, what are a couple of your favorites?

Chris Parker
Producer, Black Isle Studios

Lately I have been playing a character who focuses primarily on Unarmed Combat. My horrible Speech, Barter, and Sneaking skills are offset by my ability to quickly beat the crap out of just about anybody. My current favorite perks are therefore:

Bonus Hand to Hand Damage - You can get this Perk as early as Level 3 and it just adds a flat amount of damage to every hit you land. Bonus, you can take it up to three times, turning your hands into a killing machine. Fun!

More Criticals - This is first available at Level 6, and it adds to your chance to perform a critical any time you land a hit. So in case the Bonus Hand to Hand Damage wasn't enough, this gives me a little extra something-something.
Educated - This is first available at Level 9, and in my opinion, is one of the best long-range Perks in the game. You get a bonus +2 skill points per level. Regardless of the character type this is always going to be one of my Perks of choice.

Dodger - Also available at Level 9, Dodger increases your chance to avoid being hit. Overall, a solid Perk for any melee character - if not any character, period. You can take Dodger twice also, so I'm likely to take it again later.

After about Level 12, I might throw in another Perk here or there, but mostly I switch between taking more Bonus Hand to Hand Damage, more Dodger, and more More Criticals with an occasional Gain Strength, Gain Agility, or Gain Luck thrown into the mix.

Oh, Chris, you silly guy! Don't you know that More Criticals is useless once you get Slayer? Taking multiple levels of it is just poor planning.

Another thing is whether or not Bonus HtH Damage results in a percentage increase like Fallout Tactics or a straight +2 a la Fallout. A simple +2 bonus is okay at first, but utterly worthless once you get higher level which is why Micro Forte made it percentage based. By the way Chris Parker is describing it, it sounds like the straight +2 bonus, which means old Chris Parker is a SPECIAL n00b!

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