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Matt Chat: Baldur's Gate

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Matt Chat: Baldur's Gate

Editorial - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Mon 16 May 2011, 14:54:10

Tags: Baldur's Gate; BioWare

There's Matt Chat 101 available, concerning Baldur's Gate this time. It's a game from a time when BioWare writers didn't yet try to catch the Twilight vampire romance atmosphere with their efforts.

Fans rejoice! I've filled my drinking horn and put on my bard's hat this week to do a retrospective of my all-time favorite CRPG, Bioware's epic Baldur's Gate. This is it, the best of the best CRPGs, a game that just gets better and better as modern designers (including Bioware!) get worse and worse. While not perfect, it's Baldur's Gate I and II are as close to perfection as we're ever going to get, at least until YOU all quit your day jobs and make a game worthy of its legacy.

Larpingdude17 newsitem. For your pleasure.

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