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Dead State Needs You

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Dead State Needs You

Development Info - posted by Jason on Tue 27 September 2011, 08:36:39

Tags: Dead State; DoubleBear Productions

The gang at DoubleBear is looking for budding Prosperians to help get Dead State out the door.

So, here’s the pitch – are you a modder looking to work on an original title? Are you new to the game industry and looking to get professional credit on your resume? Are you an experienced game developer looking to work on a zombie RPG in your spare time because you’ve always wanted to play one? We are looking for folks like you.

Now, a few things about the project. We have very little funding – work on the project ranges from contribution for credit in the game to payment after the project comes out (for the long-term members of the team). This is not likely to change, so this is NOT a full-time job with a salary, though if the game does well enough (and we like your work) it could lead to paid work on future projects.

We’re not expecting full-time hours – attitude, efficiency, and reliability are key. We’re looking for team members that can complete tasks they’ve agreed to take on within a reasonable amount of time and communicate their progress to the leads. Professional discretion about your work is expected. Working well with the team is a must.  

For programmers:
We are primarily looking for someone with game programming/scripting background. Knowledge of Torque 3D and TorqueScript is highly preferable. You will be working with the Lead Programmer and Project Lead on most of your tasks.

Tools Programmer - Developing tools to make implementation of content easier. GUI work a big plus.

Examples of tool duties:
-Script Editor
-Journal Editor
-Loot Container tool
-Art implementation and lighting tools

Scripting Programmer - The scripting programmer uses the engine's scripting language to create scripts for dialogue (a lot of these), for events/event triggers, time passage, tracking stats, and bark text.

Examples of Scripting:
-Global dialogue flags
-Combat triggers
-Quest update triggers
-Scene triggers
-XP/item rewards

No thanks to villain of the story


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