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Risen 2: Dark Waters Previews

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Risen 2: Dark Waters Previews

Preview - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Wed 26 October 2011, 11:28:53

Tags: Piranha Bytes; Risen 2: Dark Waters

Two Risen 2: Dark Waters previews surfaced on the web. 


The first preview on StrategyInformer applauds the inclusion of bayonets.


The main draw for Risen 2 for newcomers will probably be combat and the skill system - there's been a complete overhaul, with it now being easier to attack multiple enemies at once, as well as do counters. Guns have also been included in the game as a new weapon, and as always your character is a blank slate with which you can choose what to specialise in. There's also a variety of skills - like having a pet monkey to help you get to hard to reach places, as well as a parrot that can attack and distract enemies whilst you fight them. 


This is a very story driven game, with voiced conversations and multiple dialogue options. There's more tongue and cheek humour this time around, with swearing, innuendos and everything in between. Quests can be approach in multiple ways, each requiring slightly different skill sets. Do you want to steal what you need? Talk your way into getting what you need? Simply blow a hole in the wall? This is a party based game as well, although you can only choose one other member to come ashore with you. Sometimes a quest or a mission will grant you other NPC's that will fight with you, and companions have their own skills they can use in battle. 


The second one on VG247 includes some interview snippets by Deep Silver’s Daniel Oberlerchner.


“I think the mix for Risen 2 is best described as Ultima and Zelda,” he begins. “From Ultima, you have a big interactive world and people that are reacting to what you’re doing: so, if you’re stealing, people will punish you or if you’re being pursued by a big monster and you run into a village, the villagers will attack the monster as well; the world reacts to what the player is doing.


“From Zelda, you have the dungeons that have riddles and traps, every dungeon is going to be unique – we don’t have any cookie-cutter type dungeons. The kinds of puzzles we’ll have will make use of your equipment and skills, so perhaps you can’t cross a bridge but you’ll find that when you send the monkey off you can crawl into a small hole and activate a lever.”



Spotted at: RPGWatch

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