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Grim Dawn Kickstarter Now Live

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Grim Dawn Kickstarter Now Live

Game News - posted by Crooked Bee on Tue 17 April 2012, 13:06:46

Tags: Grim Dawn; Kickstarter; Titan Quest

And another game goes the way of Kickstarter, this time it's Grim Dawn, an "open-world ARPG" and a "spiritual successor to Titan Quest" developed by "former Iron Lore veterans." The stated goal is $280,000, and the anticipated release date is August 2013.

Grim Dawn is an action role-playing game for PC and a spiritual successor to Titan Quest. For the past two years a small team of former Iron Lore veterans at Crate Entertainment have been developing Grim Dawn with their own, improved version of the Iron Lore engine and tools; the same technology used to create Titan Quest.

We’ve listened to years of feedback from the Titan Quest community and continue to do so every day on the Grim Dawn forums as we strive to improve upon past performance and make this our greatest work yet. The creation of Grim Dawn is guided by traditional design and old school sensibilities, with innovation only in the areas where we feel it truly improves the game and isn't just a gimmicky back of the box feature.

Grim Dawn will:
  • Be DRM free!
  • Include robust modding tools so you can create your own worlds!
  • Be faster-paced, with much more satisfying enemy hit reactions and deaths.
  • Allow you to fight house-to-house as you lay waste to enemies and the former owner’s furniture in the process. Break through walls to open up new areas of exploration!
  • Feature a more open-world design with randomized elements that will greatly enhance replay-ability. Each play-through will be unique with "set-piece" spawners that can turn a patch of wilderness into different types of enemy camps, a traveling merchant caravan, etc, each with their own unique art.
  • We don’t control where you go; you do! If you don't want to follow the main story, you aren't forced to. Non-linear progression allows you to unlock new areas by repairing bridges, defeating enemy blockades, etc, as soon as you have the resources and power to do it. Race ahead into higher-level areas and get pwned, we'll warn you but we're not going to stop you!
  • Let you combine any two of five distinct skill classes, each with multiple skill trees in which to specialize. Spend money to reclaim skill points if you’re unhappy with your build.
  • Have a refined loot system that drops far less junk-items, produces more uber randomized gear and ensures more consistent rewards from hero and boss monsters.
  • Immerse you in a gritty, dangerous, Victorian era fantasy world where humankind has been pushed to the brink of extinction by warring otherworldly powers.
  • Give players meaningful quest choices and the ability to visually change the starting town as they help to rebuild and secure the future survival of humanity.
  • Let you ally with NPC factions to earn rewards and unlock new quest lines. Be wary though, aiding one group can make another your enemy!
  • Join up with friends in coop-multiplayer through online match-making or play over LAN and experience the full game together.
  • And so much more…
Sound overly ambitious?
It might be... if it weren't for the fact that these features already exist! Well hey, we're not just some dudes rolling up in here, looking for you guys to take all the risk in funding our dream gig. We've already put a lot of our own blood, sweat and tears into this labor of love over the past 2+ years to get it where it is today. We've developed a ton of cool new features and the core gameplay is already quite fun, if we do say so ourselves. What? You want to see the gameplay? Well, here is our latest sampling! (hopefully just enough to get you hooked...)

Interested? Then head over to the Kickstarter page to learn more and donate if it's your thing.

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