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Dead State Kickstarter: 50% Reached, First Stretch Goal Announced

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Dead State Kickstarter: 50% Reached, First Stretch Goal Announced

Information - posted by Crooked Bee on Fri 8 June 2012, 21:04:56

Tags: Dead State; DoubleBear Productions; Kickstarter

With over 50% of the $150,000 already collected, DoubleBear has announced the first stretch goal for the Dead State Kickstarter: if $180,000 is reached, the developers will implement more weapons in the game.

Update #2: Stretch Goal #1 - The Weapon Pack

Some of you have asked for special game items within the tiers, as that has been a part of several rewards for other games. We go a little into this in the FAQ, but to reiterate, our philosophy is that we think that if we create content for the game, everyone should benefit. Much like the shelter in the game, we’re hoping that all our backers can pitch in for the benefit of everyone’s Dead State experience. For example, if you’d usually bump up your support by $5 for a few vanity items, how about throwing in that $5 to get us to a stretch goal that will add over a dozen weapons to the game? Instead of DLC, we’re offering up a “pay what you can” to help buy the “Weapon Pack” for everyone – and really, that’s better than an in-game shirt or pair of sneakers, right?

I should probably explain about weapons in our game. While we have quite a few weapons in the game, we believe in functionality over brute strength. There will be some upgrades to basic weapon types, but our weapons are designed with pros and cons that factor in their weight, damage, reload time and ammo scarcity, special abilities, and type of damage. Adding more weapons offers up a lot more strategic options for you and your party and even gives you some new special weapons to play with. Here’s a breakdown of our first stretch goal, the Weapon Pack:

-Tiller – A 2-handed spiky melee polearm that can cause bleeding.

-Kukri - A 1-handed melee knife that is great at causing limb damage.

-Crossbow - A 2-handed ranged weapon that is much quieter than guns.

-Flare Gun – A unique 1-handed ranged weapon that is guaranteed to set targets on fire.

-Bola – A special thrown weapon that stops targets in their tracks.

-Bottle of Acid – A special thrown weapon that burns and can cause panic - also it’s acid!

-Bowie Knife – A 1-handed melee knife capable of inflicting a lot of damage.

-Repeating Lever-Action Rifle – A 2-handed ranged weapon that’s all-around reliable.

-Antique Revolver – A 1-handed pistol that makes you feel like a cowboy.

-MSG-10 SMG – A 2-handed ranged weapon – unload responsibly.

But wait – there’s more! That’s right, we’re also posting a poll at our forums to vote on the last three weapons for the pack. That’s thirteen total weapons in the weapon pack! If that sounds like something you’d appreciate playing with in Dead State, consider throwing in a few extra bucks or even bump up you pledge to a higher tier. The money helps us bring another artist on full-time.

And how about this – if we make our stretch goal within five days, we’ll add the FOUR top weapons on our poll as a bonus. For our first stretch goal, let’s try to reach $180,000.​

If you feel like helping Dead State make the stretch goal, or simply want to give the project a look if you still haven't, head over to the project's Kickstarter page to make or manage your pledge.

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