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New info on Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition

New info on Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition

Game News - posted by Zed on Thu 26 July 2012, 22:41:57

Tags: Baldur's Gate; Beamdog

In an attempt to re-new the hype surrounding the $20 fan-patch Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, Beamdog/Overhaul Games shut down the website and put up another countdown. You know, like the one they had before. We didn't report on that because seriously.
Anyway, it seems like the countdown reached 00:00, because there is now new stuff up on baldursgate.com.

The new NPCs revealed are: an overpowered Monk, a BioWare-approved romance interest and Sarevok 2.0.

They also revealed The Black Pits, a stand-alone adventure set in the Underdark.

Deep within the Underdark where few dare to tread, the mad drow Baeloth has used his extensive mastery of magic to force a duergar colony into creating an entertainment complex of his own design. He has invited guests from across the realms, from Maztica to Menzoberranzan, and they will readily attend - Baeloth is known to be an excellent showman.​

There are also screenshots up for your viewing pleasure or displeasure.

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