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Temple of Elemental Evil interview at GameBanshee.

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Temple of Elemental Evil interview at GameBanshee.

Interview - posted by Deathy on Tue 4 February 2003, 04:31:51

Tags: Temple of Elemental Evil; Tim Cain; Troika Games

GameBanshee have posted an interview with Tim Cain on the subject of his new Dungeons & Dragons game, The Temple of Elemental Evil. Here's a bit:

GB: The recent Pool of Radiance was turn-based, but combat could potentially be very slow, requiring you to watch as a large group of monsters slowly moved closer to your party - one at a time. How long does does a round of combat in ToEE last in real time? Do you plan on adding an option for players to change the speed of movement in such cases?

Tim Cain: The length of combat in ToEE is really dependent on the number of opponents and your relative power. We are sensitive to the issue of slow down in turn-based combat, so we are working on a way to allow NPC's to take simultaneous turns when their initiaive rolls allow it. For example, if PC A goes, followed by three zombies and then PC B, we will allow the three zombies to all move at once. We still allow you to make any possible attacks of opportunity on them, and it really speeds up play.​
If they move all at once, will they also moan in chorus? "Brainsss..."

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