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Chaos Chronicles Interview at Dagon's Lair

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Chaos Chronicles Interview at Dagon's Lair

Interview - posted by Grunker on Thu 30 August 2012, 14:53:48

Tags: Chaos Chronicles; Coreplay

Dagon's Lair has interviewed the producer of Chaos Chronicles on the subject of the game's world, multiplayer and target audience. The interview is in French, but a translated version is available on the site (scroll down).

We don’t want to re-invent the genre but create a hommage to the good old times. This means: We can make decisions faster than other studios. All we do – if we talk about a feature – is to look at those classics and look how they solved problems or how they included things. And we do it the same way like they did – but with modern graphics. So to speak a little less talky talky but a little more worky worky.


We are not going to simplify anything. Players new to the genre at least will be able to survive once they get used to the game mechanics. But to master the game, well, that’s going to be hardcore. You have to use your brain in the battles and during the puzzles. Otherwise you’ll have no chance. The hardcore-mode will be for those who are new to the genre. But we’re also thinking about an insanely hardcore-mode where display hints are not available and such stuff. With less saving-options…​

They also ask whether the game will be like Dragon Age. To find the answer to that question, you will have to read the entire interview.

Spotted @ RPGWatch

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