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Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Delayed

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Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Delayed

Game News - posted by Zed on Fri 14 September 2012, 20:05:34

Tags: Baldur's Gate; Beamdog

Overhaul Game's take on updating Baldur's Gate seems to have run into some problems:

After recently reviewing the game and then consulting with our partners, we've decided to ensure that Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition is the best possible product on launch. Thus, we have pushed back the release date of the game. Our release date is now November 30th, 2012.

To all who have pre-ordered, we ask for your patience as we move toward our final release date -- and we will be working on something a little extra for you. To all who have volunteered, we thank you for your dedication and support.​

The initial date set for sometime in summer 2012 did seem a little optimistic.

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